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Pediatric News

Pediatrics / Children's Health News From Medical News Today
Peanut allergy could be cured with probiotics

The vast majority of children in a large clinical trial continued to tolerate peanuts for 4 years after it had ended, new research shows.

Schizophrenia in children: What you need to know

Schizophrenia in children is uncommon but serious. It may affect their thinking and behavior, and requires careful management. Learn about this condition.

Prematurity leaves distinctive molecular signature in infants' cerebellum

Premature birth, which affects one in 10 U.S. babies, is associated with altered metabolite profiles in the infants' cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls coordination and balance, a team...

Disrupted gut microbiome makes children more susceptible to amoebic dysentery

Children with lower diversity of microbial species in their intestines are more susceptible to severe infection with the Entamoeba histolytica parasite, according to a new study published in PLOS...

Children who skip breakfast may not be getting recommended nutrients

A study by researchers at King's College London has found that children who skip breakfast regularly may not be consuming the daily amounts of key nutrients for growth and development that are...

Artificial blood vessels mimic rare accelerated aging disease

Lab-grown blood vessels provide platform for studying premature aging syndrome and other rare diseases.

Insufficient sleep raises type 2 diabetes risk in children

A new study suggests that as little as 1 hour of less sleep per night significantly raises children’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Henoch-Schönlein purpura: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

What is Henoch-Schönlein purpura, who does it affect, and what are the causes? Learn about the diagnosis of Henoch-Schönlein purpura and how it is treated.

Mental health programs in schools - growing body of evidence supports effectiveness

School-based mental health programs can reach large numbers of children, with increasing evidence of effectiveness in improving mental health and related outcomes, according to a research review in...

Heartbeats could hold the key to understanding babies' inner world

Research published in eLife explains how researchers created a novel new experiment to test how aware babies are of their bodies' internal signals.

Two Alaskan studies show benefit of hepatitis vaccination programs

Study shows universal vaccination has wiped out hepatitis B and associated liver cancer in Alaska's young people.

Could sleep disorders raise the risk of preterm birth?

Sleep disorders among pregnant women are associated with early birth. Insomnia and sleep apnea have been shown to double the risk of early preterm birth.

Rotavirus vaccines continue to reduce diarrhea hospitalizations, medical costs in US kids

Following the introduction of routine childhood vaccination against rotavirus, a common cause of diarrheal illness, more than 380,000 children avoided hospitalization for diarrhea from 2008 to 2013...

Caput succedaneum: Symptoms, causes, and outlook

Caput succedaneum is a buildup of bloody fluid on the part of a baby's skull that emerges first at birth. The condition often resolves itself. Learn more.

Iron poisoning: What you need to know

Iron poisoning is a medical emergency and can be especially dangerous in children. What causes it, what are the symptoms, and how is it treated?

Gripe water: Uses and other treatments for baby colic

What is gripe water? This traditional therapy can help to relieve baby colic. Learn about the risks and benefits, alongside other treatment options.

Do pets really benefit children's health? Large study investigates

Using advanced statistical tools, the largest study of its kind investigates the supposed link between children's health and household pet ownership.

Mongolian spots: Causes, pictures, and outlook

Mongolian spots are a type of birthmark that looks similar to a bruise. Learn about the causes and treatments, and how the condition appears on skin.

How to stop vomiting: Home remedies

What are the main causes of nausea and vomiting, and what home remedies are recommended? What home remedies may help children who are vomiting?

No wonder cure, but music therapy can still be helpful for children with autism

An international study finds the improvements from improvisational music therapy, on symptoms of autism, to be similar to those who do not receive music therapy.

Automated measure of nighttime oxygen levels could speed diagnosis of sleep apnea

Simple, inexpensive test could help identify sleep apnea in children who snore.

Paraphimosis: Symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Paraphimosis is a medical emergency that should be treated as soon as possible. What is paraphimosis, how is it treated, and what may the complications be?

Ependymoma: Symptoms and treatment

Ependymoma is a tumor of the brain and spinal cord that is more common in children than adults. An ependymoma tumor may contain cysts and can be removed.

Increasing risk of drug withdrawal in newborns as US opioid epidemic accelerates

In the US, about every 25 minutes an infant is born with signs of drug withdrawal (also known as neonatal abstinence syndrome).

Could mutations and inherited genes play a role in cerebral palsy?

Study highlights faulty genes as possible cause of hemiplegic cerebral palsy.Hemiplegic cerebral palsy hampers movement in one side of a person's body.